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The internship program at Working People's Law Center offers law students the opportunity to experience, hands-on, the practice of law. Interns are, essentially, members of the law center staff and are invoved in all aspects of case development, including interviewing clients, drafting pleadingsand legal memorandums, reviewing police reports, preparing evidence, conducting discovery and, most importantly, going to court! Law school may teach legal thoery, but it does not teach the nuts and bolts of the legal profession. Where do you file civil petitions? How do you serve discovery on the Los Angeles Police Department? How do you present evidence in court? How do you deal with opposing counsel? The answer to these questions is not found in hornbooks, it is discovered through the act of legal representation.


The work of our interns has an immediate, postitive impact for our clients and for the community. Recently, a group of interns working on a juvenile, attempted murder case uncovered evidence which lead to the D.A. dropping the case against our client entirely. Interns have also worked on high profile cases such as the clergy sex abuse cases, helping to bring justice to the victims. 


If you are interested in practicing law and in learning how a community lawoffice functions, please contact us at or call the office at 213-250-5500.




"The internship program at Working People's Law Center is great. Working People's Law Center gives students the opportunity to handle every aspect of a case from the very beginning. Students gain a real practical understanding of criminal defense because they are given the opportunity to conduct client interviews, communicate with the District Attorney's Office, observe the crime scene, develop their own legal theories of their cases, and attend court proceedings. At Working People's Law Center, interns are respected and treated like attorneys and therefore learn a great deal about the actual practice of law. Working People's Law Center was one of the most intriguing experiences of my law school career and I highly recommend it."

Debbie Soleymani
Juris Doctor Candidate, 2013
Southwestern Law School

"I interned at the Working People’s Law Center the summer of my first year of law school in 2011. It was a great experience and one I look back on fondly. Art Goldberg and Kurt Bier are attorneys with a grassroots approach who care deeply about Echo Park and the surrounding communities. The projects were varied and interesting. I got to accompany both Art and Kurt to hearings, had a chance to see how court appearances work, and got the opportunity to work on a motion that was submitted in court proceedings. Both Art and Kurt were both very friendly, always interested in their interns opinions, and were always open to answer questions. I highly recommend interning at the Working People’s Law Center."


Whitney Snyder

Loyola Law School, 2013