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The Working People’s Law Center is a Los Angeles institution, having provided high quality representation at reasonable prices for over forty years. From simple child support cases to dissolutions with complex financial issues, our center has the experience and resources to get the job done. Apart from its family law and criminal law practice, the law center has participated in some of the most high profile civil rights and social justice cases and issues of the past decades, including: the fight to desegregate the Los Angeles school system; the fight to overturn the Three Strikes law; the lawsuit against civil rights abuses by the Lynwood Sheriff’s Department; the Rampart scandal; as well as the clergy abuse cases, just to name a few. The Working People’s Law Center is committed to pursuing justice through litigation, agitation and occupation.

We are proudest, however, of our tradition of guaranteeing access to outstanding legal counsel to working people regardless of their income. Many working people fall through the cracks. They make too much money to qualify for a public defender, legal aid or other free legal services, but they don’t have enough money to pay the very expensive legal fees most law firms charge.

Unlike other law firms, our legal fees are billed on a sliding scale based on each client's income and the complexity of each case. We don't bill you "in quarter hour increments" just to have a telephone call with you. That's ridiculous! Our reasonable fees and excellent work create long lasting relationships with our clients. We frequently serve the children of clients we worked for decades ago.

Our core areas of practice are family law, criminal law, and civil rights law. If you are arrested for civil disobedience, we will represent you for free! We also house the law offices of Sam Baumer , who specializes in immigration, asylum and LGBT law. Please call us if you have a problem, or a “friend” with a problem, and we will give you a free consultation.

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